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Believe better about yourself; Let go of limiting fears and beliefs; Achieve your full potential; Create the life you want for yourself

Create the life you want to live.

Experience freedom from the things that have been holding you back.

Discover just how resourceful and capable you can be

and how successful you have the ability to become.

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RAH coaching services

Transformation Work

Is there an aspect or specific area of your life you would like to change? 

Do you have a behaviour, habit or phobia that you feel controls you, rather than you controlling it?

Do you experience frustration at making the same mistakes or poor choices over-and-over again?

Limiting behaviours and beliefs are problems we create ourselves, and with the right guidance we can also learn to create the solutions.

Break free and take control with RAH Coaching

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Personal Coaching

Are you living the life you want to live?
Have you ever really thought about what that is?

Life moves pretty fast, and all-too-often we can be swept up in the trappings of modern life and lose sight of who we really are, what we really want, and what really makes us happy.

RAH Personal Coaching will take a holistic view of your life and help you work towards genuine fulfilment and lasting happiness.

Create the life you want to live
with RAH Coaching.

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Corporate coaching

Would you like to perform better professionally?
Would your company like to perform better organisationally?

RAH Coaching offer a range of communication-based workshops specific to improving workplace performance. They can focus on individuals or teams and are tailored to the needs and contexts of each company.

From public speaking to management communication, RAH Coaching can help teams and individuals perform to their true potential.

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RAH coaching helps clients transform how they think and feel about themselves, their lives, and their behaviours. Change work is for clients who have identified specific issues they wish to resolve. Overcoming fears, doubts and beliefs that have held them back in the past enables them to seize opportunities, embrace potential, and create better lifes for themselves.

RAH Change techniques have been used to positively influence the following:

Habit breaking (Smoking, eating, drinking, gambling etc)
Phobias (Fear of flying, spiders, lifts etc)
Panic attacks
Low mood and negative thinking
Weight Loss
Anger Management
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How RAH works

RAH Coaching uses effective NLP (neuro linguistic programming) coaching techniques combined with powerful and empowering methods of visualization, imagery, metaphor and direct suggestion to ensure a permanent change occurs for you. A change in your thinking will change the way you feel about yourself which in turn will change your beliefs about what is possible for you. Experience freedom from fears that hold you back. Feel happier, more relaxed and fulfilled, and embrace a more balanced positive life.

If you would like to feel better, think better and believe better about yourself then we will work together at one of my London locations to find exactly the way you can do this.

Some feedback from satisfied clients:


The Light Centre Moorgate

114 London Wall

Physical Health Clinic

Templeton House
33-34 Chiswell Street

The Bridge House Practice

154 Caledonian Road
N1 9RD


Many of us feel stuck or held backing our lives but don’t know why. We sense a deep knowledge of our inner potential….  If only we could grasp hold of it.

RAH Personal Coaching offers help for those who feel their life isn’t working the way they want, and are not sure how to get it on track. We take a holistic overview of your life, identify problem areas, and then plan how to move forward positively.

Breakthrough sessions are transformational and take up to 3-5 hours. Using NLP, Hypnotherapy and coaching we offer understanding of personal issues and a framework to develop clarity and focus, so you can begin to live better and love life again.

RAH Personal Coaching has been used to effectively influence the following:

Life ‘focus’ and prioritisation
Confidence and self-esteem
Motivation, ambition and goal-setting
Career changes
Resilience and well-being
Anxiety and Depression
Stress Management
Emotional ‘baggage’ from negative relationships
Inner conflict resolution
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About Rachael Hudson

I have been helping people make positive changes to their lives and themselves since 2001. Coaching and change work is my passion and helping people realise their goals and achieve happier lives is the most fulfilling thing in the world for me.

I work to the highest standards set by the UKs leading hypnotherapy organisations and professional bodies and continually update and develop my skills to ensure that I am best placed to work best with you. I am committed to providing effective and long-term positive changes to clients lives and relationships.

I hold Professional Indemnity Insurance and am registered with the Information Commissioner (GHR and NCH).

Relevant Qualifications

• Fully certified hypnotherapist

• Fully certified NLP Coach, Master Practitioner and Trainer

• 5-Path Hypnotherapist (Five Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis)

• 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher

• IEMT Practitioner

• Mindfulness Now Teacher

Professional Bodies


Most of us feel we could improve certain skills at work that could help us progress in our careers. And most companies feel their workforce could work better together.

RAH Corporate coaching offers a range of services for both companies and individuals looking to improve working performance.

This could be individuals looking to improve a specific weak-spot such as public speaking, or companies looking to improve efficiency, morale and communication within departments or teams.

RAH Professional Coaching techniques can be employed positively affect the following:

Effective workplace communication
Management skills
Collaboration and team-building
Confidence and assertiveness
Building client and workplace relationships
Meeting and interview confidence
Public speaking
Stress mangement
Workplace resilience and wellbeing (affecting motivation and absenteeism)
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